Our Process


Insight Into How We Work

The Upside Team works with clients at different stages of a Home Renovation, Remodel, Rebuild, or NEW Custom Home Build project.

The partnership can begin at stage one, when clients are in need of a design and build solution, or in cases where clients have a set of architectural plans from their chosen architect in hand and are ready for a construction quote and value engineering.

Our promise to our clients is creativity, innovation, transparency, cost-effective strategies, service excellence, and quality construction.

Upside Home & Design Philosophy

It's all about teamwork and collaboration. The best result is achieved when your design and build team is working together in your best interest to create and design a well thought-out, creative and functional design, always keeping in mind time and budget requirements throughout the entire design journey.

Beginning The Conversation

Allow us to curate your design and build team or bring your chosen designer to us. Let's begin the conversation early, and analyze and evaluate all our options. There is value in getting input on design, pricing and value engineering from the beginning of the process.

Integrated Design

The Upside process is simple: an Integrated Design Process (IDP) to construction. Teamwork provides opportunity for improvements from the builder during design phase, as well as input from suppliers and trades teams. As Developers, we are able to understand the significance of both Design and Construction pillars, and are aware of how they interact, ultimately leading to great outcomes, time savings and cost-effectiveness for our valued clients.

The benefits of a Design Build or IDP are multi layered. It usually means higher-level design and architecture, a complete team working for the client, advanced systems, quicker construction and cost effectiveness. Whether a client is looking for advanced architecture or renewable energy, smart home automation or to add a swimming pool in their backyard, a team approach to construction will create a superior result.

Planning & Design Execution

During the planning and design phase the client, architect, builder and design team will provide the necessary input during this early stage to ensure we are meeting the all objectives and requirements. With a home as a whole system approach, this process generates ideas from all involved and is the most time and cost effective route.  In construction, changes mean added cost, and a building permit usually means it's too late.  

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The time and money saved in working with a design and build team is significant. Whether as part of the same entity or partners of one another, the end result of having an architect and a builder onboard from the onset is the key to project success. Save time and save money - efficiency is of the upmost importance for healthy project execution.

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Designation of Roles and Responsibilities

Developer: Project Manager, Construction Manager (Builder), Design Integration, Supply Chain (Material Selection and Trades Team).

Architectural Design Team: Architect, Interior Designers.

System Design Team: Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Surveyor, Soils  Engineering, Lighting Consultant, Landscape Consultant, Permit Consultant, Lumber  Design, Sustainability Consultant, Home Automation.

Other parties: City, Utilities, Bell/Rogers, Building Inspectors.