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We are a new brand of developer. We believe the art to designing and building truly remarkable and timeless living spaces is to have architecture, nature, inspiration and craftsmanship at the heart of all we do. It’s how we take your home to a higher level.” - Rambod Nasrin, Senior Partner


Rambod Nasrin, P.Eng.,
Senior Partner

Nikki Mobini, B.Sc., MSc.
Managing Partner


Rambod Nasrin
Senior Partner

Rambod Nasrin is a forward thinking, visionary leader bringing a fresh new perspective to residential development. During his prior 8 years in construction with Tridel, Canada's largest condominium developer, he held numerous positions including Sustainability Manager, R&D Manager and LEED Consultant. During that time, he established Tridel’s Green Program and oversaw environmental certifications of 20 Tridel buildings. As part of these roles, Rambod headed up new technology development and product research, LEED certification, construction integration, management training and green marketing efforts. Further, Rambod spent several years on site performing construction management of high rise residential buildings. Earlier, Rambod was with the engineering firm, Carson Dunlop, where he conducted over 1500 building and home inspections. Rambod is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng), a LEED Accredited Professional and a graduate of University of Toronto Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Building homes for over 20 years, Rambod found his passion in Upside to fully being able to deliver his vision for architecture and quality construction. Marrying the vast experience between construction, high rise development, sustainability and market vision, Upside has made exceptional and tastful quality homes a reality.


Nikki Mobini
Managing Partner

With over 15 years of management experience in both Public and Private Sectors and a Masters Degree from the University of Toronto, Nikki brings a strong management skillset to the Managing Partner role. With her entrepreneurial spirit she ensures the operation is running smoothly from office to the job sites. With a true passion for building relationships Nikki plays a key role in client, vendor and partner relationships. Nikki's time is spent on client satisfaction and retension, business development and growth strategy, sales and marketing campaigns, product and service development, team building and human resources, innovation and progressive technology. Nikki's true passion is caring for clients and ensuring they have a pleasant and memorable journey in their interactions with Upside. At times when time allows she also likes to get involved in the Design visioning for projects and has a natural ability to develop a unique theme and supports the designers to bring concepts to life.