Home Buyer Program




Helping you to find the best property to achieve your vision for your new home

A home purchase is one of life’s largest investments for most people and selecting the right lot or property is key. Upside partners with purchasers right from the beginning of your project. We can provide expert advice about construction feasibility, renovation costs, and city requirements. If you are planning to buy and build, this program will help you make informed decisions about your new home.

Make informed decisions about the true potential of a rebuild project

We can partner with you and your realtor from the onset to help select properties and provide immediate consultation on your new home build project. We do this daily and know what to look for. For example, we can determine if the house is structurally sound for rebuilding or if you need to underpin the basement. Get professional input from Upside’s expertise and feel confident in your purchase. We will assess your neighborhood, home selection, and existing conditions, and we will provide an estimate for your renovation. 

As part of this process, we also start the renovation discussion early on to identify client needs. A conversation to establish preliminary budget and scope helps narrow down your house search and affordability. To expedite the overall process during the waiting period to closing, we can begin renovation planning and the permit process. This will save valuable time and cost from when your monthly mortgage starts. Depending on your work scope, we can start on construction immediately upon the closing of your home. 


Buy new or build old? What are the advantages of building my own home?

  • Customize to your specifications
  • Higher affordability
  • Simpler mortgage terms
  • Reduced land transfer fees 


Contact us today to discuss the best choice for your new home.