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We don’t just design and build homes and living spaces - we give them the Upside touch. We care about the details, we care about bringing you in the know and we care about exceeding your expectations. We do this by telling you everything you need to know in an upfront and candid way from the outset, before you embark on your journey.

Our highly technical and experienced team brings more than 60+ collective years of construction experience to your project, and we lead the way with our tried and true approach. Our passion for design and construction consistently allows us to create spaces that are of high design quality and well built - every time.  

Over the last decade Upside Development has gained the reputation as a leading custom residential builder in the Greater Toronto market. We have had the priviledge of working on noteworthy projects in the City of Toronto and surrounding areas, and continue to push the envelope with creative designs and innovative building practices. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless, transparent and high quality turnkey service to our clients. We continiously look for ways to save our clients time and money without compromising the quality of the finished project. 

We are on a mission to be the best of the best in the industry. We know this can only happen if we manage our business with integrity and maintain the highest standards. We honour our committments and our clients. 




Design Focused

We are a breed of our own We bring high design focus and expertise to all our projects . We don't let the little things go - we care. Whether working with our in-house design team, external architect or interior design partners, we know the importance of getting the details right. We understand and respect the time that has been spent on design planning and we focus heavily on bringing the client and design team vision to life. Our clients often remark that when working with Upside, we are so detail oriented that they can take a relaxed approach because they know we truly care and will ensure all details are considered. We won't just build, we think first.Soon after seeing our team in action and hearing our team discuss details with our trades and suppliers, clients recognize they are in very capable and trustworthy hands. We hold all our project stakeholders accountable for the best interest and success of project.

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Client Centered Process

Our goal is to relieve our clients of the stress and anxiety that can come with a construction project by leading the way with a well thought out client centered process . We offer a Turnkey team solution to Design and Build and are able to manage the full project from top to bottom so that clients have one-point contact. We offer design, city coordination, construction management services for all our projects. Over the years, we have implemented various client engagement tools for efficient reporting and communication Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in making the right decisions at the right time to them avoid any mistakes or oversights.

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Honesty is the best policy , even if what we have to say is sometimes not what our clients want to hear. Renovation and builds are expensive investments and we want to ensure its done right the first time even if it means having to be the unpopular opinion and telling it like it is.
It is very important for us that our clients go into every project with their eyes wide openand know what to expect at every stage of the process. We believe in front heaving discussions and planning so that our clients fully understand the extent of the project scale both in relation to budget and time. We believe speaking openly about all the requirements requirements for project success.

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Residential Services

To learn more about our Residential Design and Build services, click below

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Commercial Services

Upside Development also offers Commercial Construction Management Services. We focus on boutique developments for stores, restaurants, retail, townhouses, and office spaces. Learn More >>

Additional Services

We also offer consultation services and expertise for Investors, Home Consultation, and Property AcquisitionLearn More >>



We can help build your one of a kind home. 

We're here to support you throughout your entire home improvement or development process. Click below to see portfolio pictures and educational blogs from Upside. 

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