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The Immense Impact of Interior Design

Sitting in an exceptionally well-designed restaurant on King Street has me thinking about the valuable work my colleagues in the Interior Design industry are doing every day. You may have been to BARO, formerly known as Valdez. I call the mood Ossington meets King Street, Now Magazine called it “New York, or Chicago Inspired”, and it’s a place I immediately made a connection with.  The design philosophy is simplicity with a touch of class and flare. With its Spanish influence, the introduction of nature and overall elegance, they brought the vision home.  Toronto is changing and continues to change for the better. We are competing...


Bungalow Residential Upgrade Rebuilds in Top Location

A stunning rebuild essentially replaced a two-bedroom, post-war bungalow on a 31x110-foot lot with a modern two-storey house by Upside Development.

With a modern black brick and cedar exterior, new technology and fittings and roughly 2,500 square-feet of living space that uses an unconventional arrangement of windows, eight to 10-foot ceilings and hardwood floors throughout, including the lower-level bedroom and media room to give a truly current look and premium living.



Murdoch Home

Article written about Upside's latest project.

Just completed a 3 hour tour with Dave LeBlanc from Globe and Mail to see Murdoch's home, discussing contemporary architecture. 

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The Sell

Upside took an 800 sq. foot 1950's bungalow and turned it into a 2,400 sq. foot three bedroom contemporary home.

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Home Of The Week

Upside's recent project was featured in the Globe and Mail as the home of the week. Exciting news!

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are helping to reduce AC needs, while keeping the buildings cool!  



Lofty Goals for Rebuilding

"He has set his sights on rebuilding and restoring old homes in Toronto's Leslieville district, in the same area as this century-old house on historic Ashdale Avenue. Purchased in November, 2010 for $394,000 as a home for himself and his young family, the house needed work."