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" Each time we awake in the morning or approach our home from afar we continue to be impressed by the beauty of its architecture, design, and high quality materials. "  Dr. Yasser & Aida, Read Full Testimonial 


Barfield, East York
Modern rebuild project

Barfield offers all the luxuries of design and comfort found only in unique custom projects. This post war 1950's home has been rebuilt with new modern design and advanced construction systems. The design is a harmonic rhythm of play between metal, glass and wood elements which provide a visual consistency to blend the indoors with its free-flowing organic surroundings.

Its unique contemporary architecture speaks to the new trend in Toronto’s fast developing appetite for contemporary design. Being recognized as truly a transformational project, Barfield marks the emergence of contemporary architecture in East York. Designed and built with impeccable detail, the exterior blends the live natural wood texture to the contrasting brick while following the sharp lines marked by architectural windows and free-standing canopy. Inside, canvas horizontal windows make for dynamic picture frames in various rooms. Transfer of natural lighting is truly exemplified here, with every room stylishly designed to create views and bright natural spaces throughout.

Exterior patios and terrace gardens are easy to maintain and new interior systems will not require replacement in the next decade or two. Engineered 8” plank hardwood flooring, floating staircase, designer kitchen, media room and nanny suite provide both a modern look and comfort. 

Reconceptualizing its post-war development plan and redesigned to today’s urban space, Barfield also strives to re-introduce the backyard to East York. Traditionally marked with its long driveways and impractical detached garage, East York homes have always longed for a real yard. Highlighted with its multilevel deck and shale black finish patio, this is now a fully functional area for summer entertainment and kid's activity.