"My husband and I began the process of a master bedroom addition and a main floor renovation of our 1950s bungalow back in August 2010. We were working with a renowned Canadian Architect and a brilliant, large home designer who is a friend and was doing our little project as a favour.

At the end of January 2012 we made a verbal agreement with a contractor after interviewing half a dozen for the job. We were excited to get going on what had now grown into a full tear down. Our temporary home was rented; most of our lives were packed and ready for storage when three weeks out from our build date she bailed.

Driving around in a daze I happened on a street I'd never been down before and saw a new home being built that had similar architectural language to the home we were set to build. Later that day I brought my husband to look at the house, in hopes of uncovering who the talented builder was...it's not every builder who can do contemporary so well.

Yannick marched up the front steps and found RAMBOD NASRIN. Yannick shared our plight with him asked him if he would be available to give us a quote. Rambod showed up the next morning; briefcase in hand. By the end of the week he had his quote prepared (meanwhile three other companies whom we had contacted immediately after losing our contractor still hadn't presented theirs) and was sitting at our dining room table once again...he left with the job.

This commitment to our home and our job has been consistent throughout the entire one-year build. Rambod has gone to bat for us to get us the best work out of our trades and has brought so many invaluable ideas to getting the most out of our investment...like adding a third storey master that added more than $300,000 worth of value to the home.

Rambod is smart and honest. He has integrity and fortitude of character. We wouldnt want to tackle this size of home renovation again, but if we ever did we would only ever do it with Rambod at the helm!"

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"Each time we awake in the morning or approach our home from afar we continue to be impressed by the beauty of its architecture, design, and high quality materials.

It seems as though every decision made regarding the creation of our home was made with William Morris thought in mind - Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. The main spaces and nooks alike simply make sound functional and stylistic sense.

The rooms flow seamlessly into one another and are united by the abundance of natural light entering in through the well-thought out windows, each introducing a different quality of light depending on location. The highlight of our day continues to be sunset when an array of colours projects moving art pieces onto our walls.

In addition to being so very satisfied with our physical home, we are grateful for the high-quality service and unparalleled attention weve received from the Upside team.

Many thanks."

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"As a young couple looking to make the transition from condo-living to purchasing a house with some property, my husband and I spent almost seven months looking for a new place to call home with no luck.

After almost giving up the search, a new MLS listing caught our eye immediately and we drove right out to see this newly renovated home. We discovered that RAMBOD NASRIN was the creator behind this amazing transformation. One week later, the house was ours.

Now having lived in our new home for over a year, neighbours have educated us on the before and after and apparently, our house post-renovation, is almost unrecognizable. Having come from condo and loft living, we were very interested in a house that presented a contemporary, modern design, but still had elements incorporating some original character. Rambod perfectly achieved our vision. The layout of our home, both inside and out, was designed with the best use of space in mind and the quality of all fixtures is most impressive. Clean lines within a comfortable setting. We have never regretted our decision and have loved living in what feels like a brand new house, despite being over 100 years of age."

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"Working with the Upside team in the transformation of our home was by far one of the most pleasant experiences. Listening to our ideas and incorporating his expertise, Rambod Nasrin really did an incredible job. His suggestions and advice were professional, genuine and well thought out which allowed our ideas to prosper to a whole new level. The team working on our project was punctual and provided reliable high end services. Thanks to their dedication our renovation turned out to be a successful one. We were so impressed that Rambod did everything in his ability to make sure all our timelines were met in the meantime providing us with an outstanding quality of work. The design layout created a welcoming and functional indoor/outdoor entertainment space which we and our family and friends absolutely adore."

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"To choose the right developer that meets all of your needs is not an easy choice. I imagine you can understand how nerve racking it could be to trust someone to incorporate all of your ideas into building your new home the way you have imagined. With the Upside team our fears completely faded. From the very start of our project till the end, the Upside employees and sub-contractors were both courteous and professional.

We appreciate that Rambod Nasrin went out of his way to ensure all was going as planned. His ability to really listen, as well as his creative mind abled him to take ideas that were half complete and transform them into well constructed thought out actions that provided us with high quality results. Although Rambod is well known for the contemporary style he did an outstanding job with our transitional home. We absolutely love our home and would not do it any other way. We are highly impressed with all the work that has been done and the fact that we stayed on budget made us really happy.
Thank you Upside."

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"I wanted to thank the Upside team for the support you provided us in assessing the potential purchase of ravine lot tear down. I wanted to say we were very impressed with you and the Upside team. Without hesitation I'd recommend you to friends and family. You do a lot of things right that aren't that common: you are proactive, responsive, prepared, detailed, thorough, and straightforward.

You were responsive in quickly meeting with us when a new property was listed on the market that was time sensitive. You did great preparation work before meeting, and brought insights on rules and permits that were specific to our area and property. You were thorough and detailed in your assessment of the property, after understanding what we wanted to do (even though we werent at the point of having detailed plans). And most important, you were straightforward about the likely cost and timing of the entire project, including ravine lot permits."

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"My wife and I have been living in a 3 bedroom Bungalow for the last 8 years. Since we purchased the home, every year we have completed at least one project to upgrade this 40 year old house. We have worked with a number of developers and contractors but none come close to the quality of services that we have received from Upside Developments team. From the initial architectural consultation and reasonable quotation to punctuality and quality delivery, the Upside team was simply fabulous. Thanks to Upside Developments team our backyard and new deck is now our favourite place each afternoon and on the weekends. We have already started planning for our next project and we have no doubt that we will be using Upside teams services to implement it."

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